Travel to Norway

Travel to Norway
Norway is part of the Schengen agreement even though Norway is not a EU-member. For information regarding visa related to your nationality, please see the web pages of Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. Most countries outside the EU/EEA region must apply for a visitor’s visa.

Travel by train:

Travel by air: Gardermoen is the airport of Oslo, situated 25 min north of Oslo by train. The airport train departures every 10th minute during daytime and stops at Oslo S and Nationaltheatret in the city centre, where you easily change to the metro, buses or trams for further transport within Oslo. The regular trains ( also departures from Gardermoen and stops at Oslo S and Nationaltheatret.

Travel to Oslo Science Park (“Forskningsparken”): The metro number 4 and 5 goes to Blindern and Forskningsparken, both stops are situated closely to Oslo Science Park. The tram number 17 and 18 also stops at Forskningsparken. Please check the map for localisation of Oslo Science Park.

The public transport in Oslo runs often and efficiently. It is the easiest way to get around in the city. Remember that there are ferries on Oslofjorden that are included in the public transport system -many people commute by boat and ferries to their work every day!