Download detailed program here: Program EmCon 2018

Instructions for presenters

Platform presentation
The platform presentation frame is 12 minutes + 2 minutes for discussions and questions. Please respect the time!

The conference room will be equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, whiteboard, projector, DVD, desktop PC, movie screen, audio system.

The registration desk will be open 14.00-16.00 on Monday 25th, and 08.30-09.00 on Tuesday 26th. Note that you must bring with you an USB-stick to the registration desk for uploading your presentation to the Conference system on Monday or Tuesday. The format is 16:9 ppt./pdf. Please have your presentation saved under your last/family name.

Poster presentation

The poster format is portrait orientation within the A0 format (841mm wide×1189mm tall). All posters will be displayed in a dedicated poster area during the whole conference. In the program schedule for poster presentations you will find the day and time for your presentation and a number for your poster. Staff at the registration desk will provide instructions.