Payment information

Payment information
You can pay with credit/debit card (preferred choice) or by invoice (an additional invoice-fee of 40 NOK will apply).

If your organisation covers the cost, please remember to provide your organisation/ work address and the invoice email and not your personal address. If you are uncertain about something regarding information needed on an invoice, check with the financial department of your organisation -they know what you need.

If you want to pay by invoice and you are not representing a Norwegian organisation, please state that you are private customer (“privatkunde”) and not company customer (“bedriftskunde”). By doing that, you don’t need to provide any Norwegian organisation number, which the system will ask a company to state.

Please register your payment with your full name and the tag “EmCon 2018”. The invoice is in Norwegian, but contains all details necessary for the payment. The deadline for paying the invoice is 2 weeks after you fulfill the registration. We recommend you to pay by credit card, especially if processing the invoice takes time at your institution.


The following cancellation policies apply for EmCon 2018:
1) Full refund for cancellations with valid medical certificate
2) Full refund for cancellations by 15th of April 2018
3) 50 % refund for cancellations by 15th of May 2018