General and special themes

Download the abstract book here:  Abstract book EmCon 2018

EmCon have a broad range of themes as listed here:

General Themes

  • Sources and exposure pathways
  • Treatment processes and technologies
  • Sampling, analytical and characterisation methods and approaches
  • Fate and transport in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Aquatic and terrestrial effects
  • Risk assessment, risk management, regulations and policy

Special Themes

  • Arctic ecosystems
  • Urban environments and megacities
  • Oil, gas, fracking and mining
  • Waste, wastewater recycling and reuse
  • Nanomaterials
  • Microplastics
  • PFAS
  • New contaminants on the horizon
  • Wastewater forensics/epidemiology NEW!
  • Non-target analysis NEW!